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Molly's Guide to Successful Contracts

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Use Molly's strategies for bidding, leading and more!

Molly’s Guide to Successful Contracts
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  • Bridge bidding guide for Standard American Contracts
  • One page, easy to read, tri-fold
  • Handy tool for all players
  • Simple steps for opening bids and responses, leads and tips
  • Opening Bid - One in a Suit and responding to One in a Suit
  • Opening Bid - 1 NT and responding to 1 NT, Balanced or Not
  • Pre-emptive - Bid / Weak 2 and response to Bid / Weak 2
  • Strong Hand opens... Response to 2 Club opener... And more!
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 Beginning and
Intermediate Players

Hone your skills, use
as a study guide.

 Veteran Players

Refresh your bidding

Goren and Other
System Players

Use the guide when
switching to American
Standard System

 All Players

A structural tool to
discuss bidding strategy when playing with a
 new partner

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