Frequently Asked Questions

Have another question not shown here?

Email us at support@NotepadsYourWay.com  or

Call 1-800-928-4339.  If all lines are busy, leave your name and phone #
and we will return the call as quickly as possible.


How do I track my order?

Open your Confirmation Email. On the left side below the words "Payment Method", click on "Track Order Status"

Can I run personalized sheets through my printer?

Running our personalized sheets though an ink jet printer works fine. However, DO NOT run our sheets through a Laser Printer or Copier. Our print process uses solid ink technology which sits on the paper, giving it the quality shine. High heat will melt this ink and cause it to run.

What if I receive my order and they were manufactured incorrectly?

While rare, if the notepads were not printed as ordered or if the binding is loose or pads were damage in shipping, immediately send an email to support@NotepadsYourWay.com and report the issue along with how many notepads were affected. We will respond ASAP to resolve the problem. Please include a contact name and phone number in case we need additional clarification. This is THE QUICKEST way to resolve any issue.

Can I change or customize my notepads beyond the ways available on the web site? Do you offer other sizes of notepads?

Most likely we can accommodate. Please send an email to support@notepadsyourway.com with your customization needs and our Customer Care Team will reply promptly with an answer.

Can I use the Quantity Discount amount if I order lots of notepads but want to make a minor change on each one?

In a word, no. Each change requires stopping the press to make the change. The reason we can offer lower prices on larger quantities is that we can let the machines run without human intervention. We suggest you order Multiple Names Notepads. Here you still get a discount for ordering many pieces (just not as large a discount as if notepads were identical.)

Can I get a discount?

Click here most recent coupon codes and discounts! 

Can I pay with a C.O.D. or with a company / school / personal check?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Google Checkout. We are unable to process any other methods of payment.

Can I use my own shipper number?

At this time, we are not able to accommodate such an arrangement.

I have a logo that I want to match the color... can you make the text that color?

We typically do match the color when designing your notepads. Realize, however, that we do not do use specific PMS colors. Also realize you are purchasing printing on bond paper which absorbs  color. If you are looking for an EXACT match, please consult with a local printer that can provide you with press samples.

How does Notepads Your Way sell notepads at such low prices?

We are the manufacturer, so you are buying from the source, not a distributor, retailer, or middleman. So enjoy buying at Guaranteed Low Prices and we appreciate your business!

What printing process do you use?

Notepads Your Way uses several process depending on your job. We have solid Ink printers, an oil-based liquid ink jet press, and high speed color laser printers.

I just received my order. Why do certain colors look different than when I looked at them on my screen or printed my proof?

This is a bit complicated but your screen uses a color model called RGB (red green blue) and most printers use the color model CMYK (cyan magenta yellow black) to create colors. So the mixing of colors to create various colors does not always translate. The various shades of Blue are especially difficult to translate.

Most home and business printers are either ink-jet printers, or color laser printers.There are color various between the two technologies and even between printer manufactures. There are so many possible factors that can affect the color on printed materials. The weather outside can play a part in affecting how the ink dries on the paper, and can change the color slightly. The type of paper paper used affects color. Ink density, constant on-press fluctuations, printing press running temperature etc can also affect color slightly. So again, a complicated answer for a complicated set of variables. Notepads Your Way LC does have high quality controls to ensure as little variation as possible.