Humorous Chicago Bridge Score Pads - Set of 2

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Two Large 50 sheet pads / set. Scoring Sheet, 5.5" x 8.5"

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  • Get Humorous Bridge Score Pads with a different funny phrase on every sheet
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  • Buy 1 set of two large 8.5" x 5.5" pads, 50 sheets/pad
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  • Plus your name or custom message is printed on each sheet
  • Printed one side on 20 lb. white paper.
  • Optional Molly's Guide to Successful Contracts

 Bonus: Each score pad also comes with an easy to read scoring sheet that shows Trick Values, Penalties for Undertricks, Rubber Premiums, Overtricks, Slams and Honors.  
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Here are the humorous sayings, a different saying on each sheet of the bridge score pads:

  • I don't suffer from bridge addiction; I enjoy every minute of it.
  • There are three kinds of bridge players: Those who can count and those who can't.
  • I only play Bridge on days that end in “Y”
  • What did the husband say to his wife when she bid and made a Grand slam? “You mean a great deal to me.”
  • Life is a game… Bridge is Serious!
  • Things a bridge player would never say: "Free refreshments? No thanks."
  • Bridge players are NOT out of shape. I’m in shape… Round is a shape.
  • Things a bridge player would never say: "No gossip, please. I'm not interested."
  • Asking my Grandfather why he always bids on his turn, he said: "At my age the bidding may not get back around to me again."
  • 'Would you care for a friendly game of cards?' 'No, let's play bridge.'
  • The secret to staying young is to play Bridge and to lie about your age!
  • Redouble can mean Trouble.
  • Things a bridge player would never say: "One thing I can say about bridge players - they sure know how to dress."
  • Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make them only when your partner goes to the restroom.
  • Things a bridge player would never say: "No matter which direction we sit, the cards always go our way."
  • Life is nothing but a game of Bridge.
  • 'Sam: “Notice any improvement since last year?” Partner: “You combed your hair, didn't you?”
  • Incomprehensible good luck beats skill anytime.
  • I never drink alcohol while playing bridge. It interferes with my suffering.
  • Things a bridge player would never say: "I don't feel like bridge today. I'd rather jog and work out."
  • We had a partnership misunderstanding. My partner assumed I knew what I was doing.
  • Bridge Players do it with finesse.
  • Pregnant with twins, the bridge playing wife said: ‘That’s just like my husband - doubling me when I’m vulnerable!’
  • Work is for people who do not play Bridge.
  • Bridge is the only game where I enjoy being the dummy.
  • An engineer shouts in his cell phone: “There is no damn bridge here! Only a bunch of crazy people gathering around card tables...”
  • Said a boy to his mother: “Dad keeps talking about ducks, when is he going to bring one home for dinner?”
  • Bridge is a great comfort in your old age. It also helps you get there faster.
  • Things a bridge player would never say: "It's amazing how the temperature in here is always just right"
  • A well-balanced player makes up for his inadequacy in the bidding with his ineptitude in the play.
  • Bridge Players use a strong Club with Precision.