Fast Track stapled script

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Fast Track pamphlet with 3 different colored sheets

  • Page 1 printed one side on White paper
  • Page 2 printed one side on Canary paper
  • Page 3 printed two sides on Pink paper
  • Each set of 3 sheets is stapled in the top left corner
*** Printing 4 page pamphlets: 1. Print page 3 (2 sided) pink 2. Print page 2 (1 side) yellow 3. Print page 1 with page 2 as slip sheet; Advanced, Program, Copies 1, sets 10 to 75, then repeat for total number of sets (face down tray is faster) 4. Put pages 1 and 2 combo in high Capacity Feeder (face up). Using Publisher with 2 blank pages, print 1 page and # of sets with slip sheet page 3 (face down). 5. Flip sheets with header towards front of printer (face up). Use Publisher with 3 blank pages. Turn off Program. Under finishing, turn on Stapler. Change Output Tray, Details, to Face Down.